Tips for Online Review Management

Internet is on such a rise that it has become the power of the people. It gives people opportunity to see, decide and speak whatever they see. Whether it’s the product they are purchasing or a service they want to avail, people can express opinions on almost everything. Online reviews have lot of importance. They can make or break one’s business in fraction of seconds. Online reviews can be on the business’s website, social media pages or on sites that generate online reviews.

coffee, phone and chalkboard with reputation word.

Online reviews are like the modern worlds word-of-mouth referral. It is easy to ask neighbour and friend about a product but hard to find someone who have used the product and give feedback thoroughly. Web gives potential buyers an opportunity to seek opinion, reviews and feedback from customers who have purchased the product or service before them.


  • Companies should make sure that they’re recent positive reviews are on the top. Older reviews make lesser impact on the opinion of the customers.
  • Companies should not ignore negative comments or reviews. They should make sure to respond quickly in a generous and polite tone. In this way, customers feel that their inputs are heard.
  • Be quick to resolve any issue that a customer mentions in their negative comment.
  • Some reviews can be aggressive and invoke feelings of anger or hurt. However, official has to stay calm, be polite and civil. If the person engages in virtual brawl, it shows the company in negative light.
  • Offer a refund or discount in case of any mistake done from the company’s side. This will increase the company’s credibility in the eyes of customer. And in no time, the negative reviews will turn positive.
  • Encourage customer to voice out their opinion or review.
  • Encourage customers or potential buyers to read the reviews.

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