What is Online Reputation Management?

Since, the online and offline worlds are blending, it has become so important to maintain one’s reputation, whether personal or professional. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is all about restoring or improving the name of the brand. There is definitely a down side with all that of social media sharing. An old photo you want to scrub off from Facebook or a negative review from the customer on your business. To avoid the business from tarnishing, there’s a little bit of controlling that can be done.

ORM, is countering, weakening and eliminating the negative material found about on the internet. Businesses seek ORM to improve their credibility and gain customers. When customers see bad reviews, negative blog posts or comments about the business, they change their purchase decisions. Not only that, the negative reviews can spread on search engines and go viral on social media networks. It can put serious disadvantages to the customer in the long run.

Getting professional ORM services will protect the business image online. Such service providers use marketing, public relations, legal and search engine optimization (SE)) strategies to protect the reputation of brand.

A typical ORM company will follow the below tactics:

  • They co-ordinate and monitor online mentions of a brand or individual.
  • They prepare a thoughtful and rapid response of negative mentions.
  • They publish their professionally written content through trusted and popular websites.
  • They interlink website content which is good and impactful.
  • They optimize existing websites and social media profiles to gain ranking in search engines for selected keywords.
  • They remove or edit negative content by contacting the source.
  • They file a formal complaint with the search engine or webmaster.

The internet has the power to change lives. It has destroyed relationships, careers and ruined business. Do consider getting professional ORM services.

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