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+91-850-694-7372 Monday-Friday, 8am - 7pm, Drop us a line anytime!
102, First Floor, P Triangle Kanadiya Road, Indore, 452016
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+91-850-694-7372 Monday-Friday, 8am - 7pm, Drop us a line anytime!
102, First Floor, P Triangle Kanadiya Road, Indore, 452016
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Strong Online Presence

Create Online PresenceMarketing in today’s competing world is crucial in order to create a long-lasting impact on audience. Since the world is driven by technology, a strong digital presence is what your business needs in order to outstand in your field. Marketing is not as easy as it sounds. Creating an attractive strategy is the [...]

Public Relation Management

Public Relation ManagementThe reason behind any successful business is the consumers buying their products or services. Consumers are the roots of any business. So to maintain public relations is as important as developing an idea for the business. Public Relation Management is a crucial step in building a successful business foundation. The more you take [...]

Create Online Legacy

Create Online Legacy Maintaining online reputation is what is needed to survive through the ever-growing competition. Managing your website by emphasizing on the stellar contributions of your firm or services is really needed in today’s competing world. People search for you through the search engine; which means even if they don’t know about you they [...]

Reputation Monitoring

Reputation MonitoringWhen you are running a business, it’s necessary to know what people think about your business. After all, the reviews from your customers will make or break your reputation. Constantly monitoring the reputation is necessary as it helps you know about what people’s perception is about your firm. Their reviews will tell you if [...]

Recover Reputation

Recover ReputationTechnology being the driving force of every factor in today’s world, it also decides the reputation of your business. Forums, testimonials, reviews, unsatisfied employees; rivalry blander and tricky competitions might affect your business negatively and also might put up a bad image in front of your target audience. All this will impact your reputation [...]

Build Your Reputation

Build Your Reputation“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” (Jeff Bezos). We try to follow these lines said by Mr Jeff Bezos about your reputation being built online. Today scenario is like our image is created by google and other web based networking sites, social medias, etc. and [...]

Fix Bad Reviews

Fix Bad ReviewsIn the world where competition is at it’s peak, every firm struggles to manage their reputation and make a positive mark in the industry. A healthy competition helps you achieve your goals faster, but when the competition is negative, every other firm in your sector trying to be at the top will try [...]

Manage Your Reputation

Manage Your ReputationYour online reputation decides the future of your business in this technologically driven world. One bad review and your reputation which took years to get built can be ruined. These online reviews are the tools which build a perception of your firm; which can be negative or positive. Though the review websites are [...]

Remove Negative Url

What is URL? URL is the path from where google engine search the requirements of the user. There are sites which make same content, occasionally available via different URL path by using session ID's or other URL parameters. As the content is being searched, google provides us with different pages which can be used. For [...]
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