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+91-850-694-7372 Monday-Friday, 8am - 7pm, Drop us a line anytime!
102, First Floor, P Triangle Kanadiya Road, Indore, 452016
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Remove Negative Url


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What is URL?

URL is the path from where google engine search the requirements of the user. There are sites which make same content, occasionally available via different URL path by using session ID’s or other URL parameters. As the content is being searched, google provides us with different pages which can be used. For example, if we search for “red western dresses” google engine will provide us with different websites and URLs have the same content we searched for. To avoid the confusion about what the site should be selected or used, google detects the duplicate URL and creates an array of those sites and detects which one is best to show. Google then tries to consolidate what we know about the URLs in the cluster, such as link popularity, to the one representative URL to ultimately improve the accuracy of its page ranking and results in Google Search.

How does it Work?

ADMYA Infotech provides you with services of detecting negative URL which causes:

  • Hacking your website
  • Building hundreds or thousands of spammy links to your website
  • Copying your content and distributing it all over the internet
  • Pointing links to your website using keywords like Viagra, poker online, and many others
  • Creating fake social profiles and ruining your reputation online
  • Removing the best backlinks your website has.

How do we Negative URL's?

ADMYA Infotech services have the best employees having professional knowledge of such cause and hence we provide you with the best services of detecting the negative URL.

  • We keep a track of the URLs which feed the same content as yours with different URL path just to damage your reputation or other causes listed above and set up a google webmaster tools to be alert of such causes.
  • Also, we keep track records of the backlinks Profile to prevent your site from spammers. By creating this, there is no need of checking the mails and manually trace them. This automatically keeps the record of such spammers and sends you the mail accordingly.
  • We also secure your website from malware and hackers. We provide you with different security checks which will help you to get through these hackers. For example: before logging into the websites you need to plug-in authentication provided by google and create 2 step verification passwords.
  • To keep a record of similar content, we check those sites which have a duplicate content as yours and list them as negative URL to avoid the copy of your rights and duplication of your work which can harm your goodwill.
  • Also we help you with strategies so as to avoid rivalry, monitoring your social media mentions, to watch the speed of your websites, not to become victim of your own strategies.

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